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Cast: Anita Köchl & Doris Kirschhofer

Directed by Hanspeter Horner

Written by Felix Mitterer

"Your performance of "Besuchszeit" was an incredible surprise for me, 
I couldn't believe it. Just wonderful!
I am so glad I saw it. Thank you to you both!"

(Felix Mitterer)

In three independent stories, the main protagonists have been isolated from society; a nursing home, a prison and a mental institution. We watch as their visitors – still part of society – strive to understand and connect, discovering that whether in or out of society, there really is no control. Mitterer wonderfully illuminates situations of our existence in which we often move between the "norm" and what's "beyond". A walk on a tightrope where a missed step can be fatal. What if I can't control myself anymore? Clocks that often tick faster than we can grasp or influence. If we don't hold each other, time won't. This piece shows us exactly that in a wonderfully simple, tragic and comic way.

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