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Der Tatortreiniger

Cast: Anita Köchl, Edi Jäger, Magdalena Köchl / Julia Rajsp und Klaus Eibensteiner

Directed by Giora Seeliger

Written by Mizzi Meyer alias Ingrid Lausund

„Ingrid Lausund has written some of the sharpest German dialogues for this chamber drama series Der Tatortreinigung. They can flip your brain and your world of thought upside down.“

(Elmar Krekeler, Welt)

The murderer, the detectives and the forensics team depart, the corpse remains. Now, all that nobody needs anymore, all that nobody wants to see needs to be removed. His hour has come! Enter "Schotty"; there to discard the remnants of horrific crime scenes. He enters to clean with brushes, scrubbers, soap, sponges, chemicals. No matter how horrible the places, »Schotty« is never weary. It's a science to him. But above all, it’s the empathy and presence of mind that he truly enjoys. Because »Schotty« is never alone. In every crime scene clean-up, he crosses paths with a myriad of strangers; relatives or acquaintances of the victims, people who happen to be passing by, even the ghosts of the murdered. Everyone seems to be in an emotional state of emergency. They want to talk things out, process and clarify their situations. »Schotty« becomes a projection screen for everyday philosophy, and is able to comfort these surprising strangers in a unique and unexpected way. 

Although an experiment in the beginning, "Der Tatortreiniger" became a cult hit. Crowned with the Grimme Prize in 2012, the demand from enthusiastic audiences increases rapidly.

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