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Monsieur Ibrahim
und die Blumen des Koran

Cast: Edi Jäger, Georg Clementi & Volker Wahl

Directed by Edi Jäger & Georg Clementi

Written by Yasmina Reza

„Amidst the depth in this piece the comedy is what predominates, and every laugh feels liberating. "KUNST" is one of those gratifying theater experiences viewers continue to discuss extensively."

(ORF Salzburg)

Serge, Marc and Yvan are three modern men in their best years and very close friends. Serge has bought an all white monochromatic painting for 200,000 Euros. He proudly shows it to his friend Marc: the dispute over the painting overturns rituals of a fifteen-year friendship and sets off comedic fireworks!

With "KUNST" the author Yasmina Reza achieved a meteoric rise. She won the renowned French theater prize Prix Molière as well as conquering countless stages. The virtuoso actor's fun and long runner has been translated into 35 languages ​​thus far and inspires audiences everywhere to storms of enthusiasm.

The play tells of male vanities, tottering images of the world in an enchantingly absurd living room battle.

Fotos: Ernest Stierschneider

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