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Glück - Le Bonheur

Cast: Anita Köchl Richard Saringer

Directed by Edi Jäger

Written by Eric Assous

"In moments like this Richard Saringer triumphs as Alexandre with stupendous versatility ... Anita Köchl's energy level is well known but in this production it rises considerably ... Edi Jäger directs quickly and precisely ... a highly celebrated premiere at the Kleines Theater Salzburg"


The gripping, subtle play by Eric Assous - a world renowned, multi-award-winning author - inspires with brilliant wit and surprising twists and turns. Louise and Alexandre meet one evening and spend a night together. Non-binding, beautiful. Happiness could be so easy if it weren't for ex-partners, dreams, desires, duties, the list goes on. Love and life as a couple is an equation that doesn't always work out, especially with increasing life experience, however, this time around might be different. This ravishing French comedy keeps viewers in suspense and delivers highly-refined theatrical pleasure.

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