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Cast: Edi Jäger 

Band: Magdalena Koechl (vocals), Robert Kainar (drums / vocals) & Chris Neuschmid (guitar / vocals)

Directed by Fabian Kametz 

Written by Josefina Vázquez Arco

"I've rarely laughed so much at the theater! A wonderful piece, brilliantly played and at the same time a touching examination of a topic that affects us all.”

(René Freund, author)

A father is waiting for his teenaged daughter at a tattoo and piercing shop. He tells us of the joys, sorrows, delusions and jokes that come with raising future adults. When he was a child he dreamt of being an astronaut, but the future had other plans, and space adventures seem to be nothing compared to fatherhood. Conflicts and bizarre situations come to life on stage, and a big question arises: At what point did I transform into a father?

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